Groupe Stylex uses both conventional and digital embellishment methods and specializes in the field of high-end finishing for the graphic arts.

Do you have a great idea? Confirm it with our prototyping service! You have small-run printing projects, entrust them to us! Validate the performance of your concepts and bring your products to maturity without leaving any detail to chance. Develop prototypes or small-run print projects into a multitude of alternatives with flexible customization of each printed sheet. Fast, without setting up, without offset plates, without silkscreen screens or dies ...

Foil Printing Service | Groupe Stylex | Québec

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Hot foil stamping is a pressure process application using copper, brass plates and applied foil.

2D & 3D embossing and DEBOSSELING

Embossing and debossing is an effect obtained by a pressing process using plates. The dies are created by CNC or hand sculpted to give more depth and texture.




Laser cutting, lettering, wood and metal engraving in use of the plates.



Color slice is an application of color to the edges of a product.


Development PROTOTYPEs

You have an idea you want to realize, but you don't know where to start, we're here to help!


The print can be protected with an additional pass of full surface or selective UV varnish. Printing is applied using an inkjet process and can be done on parts up to 6 "thick.

  1. NEW cutting service for all your special projects

  2. Hot stamping to enhance the look of your design

  3. Embossing, debossing

  4. Prototyping and small-run printing

  5. Stunning structural varnish, amazing touch experience, small and large volume

  6. Flexible customization of each press sheet, small and large volume

  7. Fully digital, small and large volume hot foil stamping

  8. Project management and infographic service

  9. Printing and digital engraving on object


Take advantage of our turnkey project management and computer graphics service to support you from design to production.