The StyleX du Progrès Group offers a wide variety of professional finishing services, including hot foil stamping, laser cutting, UV varnish, book and business card gilding.


We offer our customers a wide range of high-end finishing possibilities and very precise work. In addition, the company remains looking to the future by pursuing its acquisition in the most advanced and innovative technologies.

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Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing technique allowing the transfer of a thin metallic sheet on a given surface such as cardboard, paper, plastic, cases or leather. At Stylex this technique is often used on record sleeves, business cards, book jackets and boxes. This technique is very popular to enhance the appearance of a design and restore it its prestige. It is also often used for variable data productions such as digital printing of an art print.


Embossing is opposed to debossing, these hollow effects produced by the strong pressure of the elements give relief to your projects. At Stylex, dent removal and embossing are common high-end beautification methods.


Today, the activity related to the coloring of the edge of a book or a business card is called "Gilding". The material with gilding stands out from afar. It catches the eye. It is first the peculiarity of the gilding that catches our eye but then in our mind comes the reflection that the printer has done something more and this effort at least deserves our attention. At Stylex, the gilding is done 100% by hand, for exceptional quality work.

Laser cutting

Take advantage of the fully digital hot stamping and embossing process online, without cutting out shapes at sky-high prices

Innumerable possibilities of dazzling colors and effects

Exclusive ability to apply gilding and embossing on most matt or glossy film surfaces with or without aqueous varnish, coated papers, plastic and PVC substrates, as well as other types of coated substrates.


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